Warming up is an essential act before any activity.

We designed the warm up series around old school style sportswear fits and fabrics, first in the collection is the warm up t-shirt which comes in 3 colours with our distinctive print in turquoise blue on the back which is a colour we intend to use through out the warm up series.

Already on there 3rd restock since launching, the warm up t-shirts have been a huge hit as they are in such high demand and sellout within hours when they hit the website, if your lucky enough to grab one then you'll understand why.

Designed and crafted in the UK the warm up series will be at the highest grade quality to ensure each product can cater for any work rate / work out, We went with the name ' warm up series ' as its past tense and something you do before you train which like we said before the collection is inspired by ' old school ' sportswear which is also past tense, so it made sense to call it this.

We will keep the distinctive turquoise blue colour through out the warm up series as it leaves its mark within the sportswear sector and becomes an icon collection.

October 19, 2020 — nathan malcolm

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